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The special life.

von Rotherr






New build luxury apartment building


Bauplan Nord GmbH & Co. KG


Concept, 3D visualization, CGI, post-production, exposé, brochure building description, naming, concept of measures accompanying the construction, logo development;

The exclusive new building project VON ROTHERR with only 5 residential units is located in the immediate vicinity of the Alster, just a stone’s throw from Harvestehuder Weg. Alte Rabenstrasse 3 is located in the heart of Hamburg’s popular Rotherbaum district and is one of the most exclusive residential addresses in Hamburg.

The property name VON ROTHERR is derived from the name of the Rotherbaum district and confidently focuses on the location of this outstanding property. In order to describe the noble district for people who do not know it, the place is personified by the name VON ROTHERR.

BE EXTRAORDINARY designed and developed all sales-related and construction-related measures, especially the 3D architectural visualizations. The result shows a hanseatic, reserved but still noble and elegant branding that stylishly combines the architecture, unique location and high-quality materials of the project.