Private Builder

Grand Elegance

Villa No. 1






High-end new build villa


Private Builder


3D visualizations, CGI, post-production, project website, exposé, social media, print AD

A truly unique property in Grünwald with a park-like garden. BE EXTRAORDINARY has developed high-quality visualizations for “VILLA NO.1”. For the accompanying marketing concept we have an exposé booklet, accompanying measures such as construction panels and site fence, a project website</ strong> and social media appearances created.

The aim was to showcase the classic and at the same time modern architecture of the villa with its representative entrance area, its spacious rooms and its sophisticated design.

We have worked out the high-quality details such as floor-to-ceiling, custom-made carpenter doors, exquisite wood and natural stone floors and floor-to-ceiling windows to create the impression of a pleasant and representative ambience.
We translated the loving design of the park-like garden into impressive 3D visualizations.