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Between heaven and Isar






4 new build villas


Conradi Projektentwicklung GmbH & Co. Residenz KG


Conception, naming, 3D visualization, CGI, post-production, exposé, various print media, construction-related measures

The elegant villa ensemble TASSILO’S YARD with its own underground car park, spacious gardens and outdoor pools is being built on a unique plot of land in a prime location in Pullach and separated only by a small path from the high banks of the Isar.

BE EXTRAORDINARY designed all sales-related and construction-related measures, in particular all architectural visualizations. The result shows a simple, elegant branding that stylishly combines the architecture, prime location and high-quality materials of the project.

The project name „Tassilos’s Yard“, includes the name of Duke Tassilo III. which is inevitably anchored in the founding history of Pullach. Adding the word yard gives it an expressive meaning. The interaction with the claim „New villas on the Isar high banks“ sums up the real estate project.

Yard stands for a courtyard or a garden, among other things. In combination with the duke’s name, a melodious phonetics is achieved and thanks to the well-known (Tassilo) and rather unknown language (Yard) it is memorable. You could also take a good portion of noblesse and elegance from the name.

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