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Elector Ferdinand would have loved it

Live like Ferdinand | Unplugged Living






High-End Villa


VALURA Capital GmbH


Conception, naming, web, 3D visualization, CGI, post-production, exposé

In hardly any other city is the understanding of prestige, luxury and lasting value lived as openly as in Munich. Of course, this is also reflected in his real estate objects. “Live like Ferdinand” appears under the unusual name as a new project by VALURA Capital GmbH. The unique name matches the exclusivity of the project: the high-end villa not far from the Nymphenburg Palace Canal is indeed a spectacular construction project.

BE EXTRAORDINARY designed all real estate marketing measures: naming including claim, project website, exposé, as well as all architectural visualisations.

Live like Ferdinand: We derived the modern and attractive name from the location and the historical background with Elector Ferdinand Maria – it deliberately differs from the naming of other real estate projects.

For good reason. Because the inflationary use of gardens, courtyards, palaces, parks and residences is conspicuous and overused. This is not only boring and unimaginative – the future property buyer no longer believes it either. We take a different approach. Live like Ferdinand – the claim „Unplugged Living“ is intended to represent the intellectual attitude and lifestyle of the former Elector.