We are visionary strategists, creative brand developers and passionate designers and we help you to become visible and tangible on the market.
With strategies, communication concepts, branding and designs that make your visions visible, we create distinctive impressions that appeal to emotions and emphasize the exclusivity of your projects. We write the uniqueness of your real estate in high-quality 3D visualizations and elegant wording and thus create brand identities of unmistakable value for you.

3D Visualizations

In order to make visions visible, we combine realism and imagination to create convincing, high-quality digital images of architectural and interior design concepts.

A design-oriented artistic process characterizes our work and underlines the exclusivity of each project. Through the synthesis of architectural and photographic elements, we emphasize its unique spectrum of colour, light and balance.

3D Agency: Specialists in real estate marketing

As an agency with a focus on real estate marketing, we offer our clients a marketing strategy in the areas of branding, brand management and architectural visualization that goes deeply into the vision of your project and is in line with your target market. Our focus is the production of extraordinary 3D visualizations.

Visualize target group specific

A well-designed interior changes the way a space is perceived. Our team consists of architects, interior designers and designers, all of whom work with a love of visualisation. We understand the rules of excellent design as well as those of attractive architecture – and we know what makes room concepts that create a vision of the property for the buyer.

Successful visualization of real estate: Pictures make the difference

Renderings are an important key component of the marketing and sales strategy of any successful real estate project. High-quality project images will draw the attention of your target groups and create an irresistible vision of exactly the life your buyers want.

3D Visualizations

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Real Estate Marketing

With visualizations that you can literally empathize with, high-quality real estate marketing arouses emotions, creates dreams and sparks enthusiasm.

Through visual and detail-oriented communication, our design and branding experts create models that make targeted marketing appearances possible, from extraordinary living concepts to exposés to websites – with the Extraordinary Sparkle, which lets your property shine as the brightest star.

Become the brightest star - with emotion-based real estate marketing

Let your project shine in the best light with its very individual unique selling points: With emotion-based marketing that inscribes images, associations, feelings and moods into your real estate and thus underlines its uniqueness.

As a real estate marketing agency, we support you in making your brand desirable, from a small individual project to a large brand presence – with strategic planning, positioning and target group analysis, with high-quality sales exposés, creative mood boards, unique namings and claims as well as exceptionally detailed architectural visualizations.

Extraordinary 3D visualizations and living concepts

Leading real estate companies trust our expertise, experience and passion to market their real estate projects in the best possible way. BE EXTRAORDINARY delivers exceptional 3D visualizations that arouse emotions through visual and detail-oriented communication. As the interface between client and architect, we also design living concepts from the first exposé to the targeted and market-specific marketing presence.

Ignite dreams with an emotion-based brand concept

Together with an architecturally trained team of brand strategists, designers, engineers and architects, the managing directors Vera and Oliver Barnert develop sophisticated and creative solutions across the entire spectrum of marketing services.

BE EXTRAORDINARY’s emotion-based approach gives premium, luxury and high-end properties a unique aura of elegance. Our renderings let the presented properties with their appealing look & Feel shine and speak to the viewer’s emotions.

Real Estate Marketing

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Design & strategy for exceptional brands

As a creative company with a high level of technical expertise in the areas of branding and design, we not only support real estate developers with successful design and communication concepts.

We also support companies from other areas in marketing their projects and offer them agency services that highlight their luxury brands in a high-quality way.

We bring your luxury brands to life

Luxury brands stand for high quality and embody enduring values. They appeal to emotions and have a clear positioning. In order to transport these values, we support you with our expertise in the creation of exclusive 3D renderings in laying the most important foundation for successful brand development: a well thought-out and successful strategy that is crucial for lasting success.

In order to help your brand to fully develop, our branding experts use detailed analyzes to develop a precise plan of the most promising marketing measures that, together with high-quality corporate design, naming and wording, appeal to the emotions of your target groups and arouse their desire.

Unique brands wear an unmistakable guise

The creation and development of an unmistakable brand are the basis of a successful sales strategy. High-quality corporate design with a unique logo gives your brand a face that, together with the right typography, creates an attractive overall visual impression. To underline this, we design claims and wordings that your target groups will remember unmistakably.

Spark desire for your products with first-class 3D visualizations

In order to show the high-quality details of your products, we create photo-realistic 3D visualizations, which we present in high-quality web design, print and online formats. A placement of your product visualizations on social media as well as SEO/SEA measures for search engine optimization complete our offer for luxury brands.


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