As one of the leading 3D and real estate marketing agencies, BE Extraordinary has successfully completed numerous high-quality projects in the field of premium, luxury and high-end real estate. Here you will find a selection of exclusive projects that we have supported worldwide with strategy, branding, design and architectural communication.

With high-quality 3D visualizations you let dreams come into being

Desirable and sustainably successful real estate projects spark enthusiasm at the first point of contact with them. They create a desire to experience the property, immerse yourself in its spaces and feel its atmosphere.

High-class 3D visualizations are therefore a key component within the marketing and sales strategy of every real estate project – after all, the first contact with the object usually occurs before construction via architectural visualization. We give objects visual identities and thus help to explain visions.

The diverse team at BE EXTRAORDINARY uses their architectural expertise to create individual designs, convincing, high-quality and detailed 3D renderings of architectural and interior design concepts that create relevance and meaning. As a 3D agency, we make your visions visible to interested parties with high-quality architectural visualizations, concepts tangible, rooms tangible and set emotional stimuli.

Our detailed, pictorial and attractive 3D real estate visualizations show prospective buyers the architectural character, the equipment, mood and ambience of your property in such a photo-realistic way that they enable a realistic experience of the property.

Successful real estate marketing needs a clear brand positioning

Today, successful project developers and builders don’t just sell a property, but an emotional overall package that emphasizes all its facets and special features. A clear brand positioning that creates sustainable differentiation is essential for this, because it makes real estate offers unique and sets them apart positively. The trick is to charge a real estate brand with the emotional longings and needs of the target groups.

In order to achieve this, we pursue a strategic-conceptual approach to emotional brand experiences and develop sophisticated, creative and cross-platform solutions in all disciplines of real estate marketing.
In addition to creating high-quality 3D visualizations, our focus as a real estate marketing agency is on creating impressive brand experiences with the right naming. The property name is crucial for successful marketing, as it is an integral part of your identity and character. It awakens images, associations, feelings, moods and memories and sums up the positioning.

Good property names are therefore much more than just decorative accessories, they make the property known, emotionalize it and position it on the market, they bring real added value. With the right naming and high-quality 3D visualizations, you achieve distinction that sets your real estate project apart from the competition in a unique way. Discover some good examples of this further up this page, for example in the projects „LIVE LIKE FERDINAND„, „TASSILO’S YARD“ or „SIR RUMFORD.

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