State of the Art

3D Visualizations and
Architectural Visualizations

Illustrations so compelling and beautiful that what they stand for immediately arouses desire in their viewer.

To achieve this, high-class architectural visualizations use the first point of contact of potential buyers with the property to create identification. A visualization of the object helps to address people’s wishes and longings. The undisguised, first look at its representation thus becomes essential.

Images are able to create longings and desires. They are a promise. Instantaneous identification with the object of desire is the simple moment for us to attain.
– Vera Barnert, Managing Director BE EXTRAORDINARY
Successful real estate marketing arouses and communicates emotions. To do this, we use the effect that high-end visualizations can have on their viewers. Instantaneous identification with the object of desire is the simple moment for us to attain.

The Imagination Game

Images are able to create longings and desires. You are a promise.

With high-quality visualizations, we create realistic images that enable a feeling for the atmosphere and lifestyle in the real estate, where the real space is still undeveloped. This is how we create bonds, longings, desires, because the pictures make a promise to their viewers. We describe this process as the „Imagination Game“.

High-quality 3D Visualizations are created across various disciplines

While individual 3D artists work on a project in the usual architectural visualizations, with BE EXTRAORDINARY expert teams of three to five people are involved in the creation process of the visualizations. Designers, architects, engineers and branding specialists work together here across various specialist areas to develop excellent results.

Full service through architectural expertise

Our architectural background gives us an in-depth understanding of planning, which is reflected in an excellent result. In addition, thanks to our (interior) architectural expertise, we are able to participate in planning details or design aspects and often have a decisive positive influence, going beyond pure visualization.

Convincing 3D visualizations for the successful marketing of real estate projects

The realistic character of our 3D renderings is given a unique aura of elegance by our in-house, finely tuned play of light, color and shadow.

This makes special atmospheric features not only visually tangible, but also emotionally understandable. A 3D visualization supports high-quality real estate projects in the marketing phase in an impressive way.


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